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A quickie with AdeY
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A quickie with AdeY

img471Foto: AdeY

I’ve been following his work for about four months now and never have I seen anyone so passionate and efficiently producing stunning photographs. He has the complete control of his work, from start to finish. Shooting, developing, nailing the wet negatives to dry and finally scanning and sharing with the world.In the city center of Malmö, in a kitchen of an empty, borrowed apartment, I met up with Floret’s own blogger and photographer AdeY. Black containers filled with strong chemicals were already out on the table when I arrived. He explains to me how the kitchen works as a second home. A place where he can spend hours and hours developing film straight out of his camera. Luckily it’s not his own kitchen, as chemicals don’t mix well with food, all though he did offer me a beer whilst developing and chatting away. From a photography-schooled perspective that’s a no-no, but AdeY is self taught and doesn’t seem to care.

Beneath are a few of the photos that came to life during our meeting, as well as some random questions I just had to ask.


Floret: AdeY. Naked people. Your work includes a lot of them. What do you like so much about photographing people naked?

AdeY: The choices they make.

Floret: The choices? What kind of choices?

AdeY: How they negotiate certain things.


Floret: Besides the nakedness, one of the things I’ve noticed in your work is that we never really see the models faces. Is it a particular reason for this?

AdeY: I think it’s a reflection of my personality. Even though I preform professionally on stage, I don’t like to be viewed in public.

Floret: So it’s not about your models being shy and don’t want to have their naked photo spread everywhere?

AdeY: I don’t know, I haven’t asked them (laughs).


Floret: What about your dream location?

AdeY: A Hungarian bathhouse.

Floret: Interesting.


Floret: Film or digital?

AdeY: Film.

Floret: Obviously, but why?

AdeY: I fell in love with Jane Fondas New Workout VHS from 1985.

Floret: Okay.


Floret: If you could exhibit your work anywhere in the world besides Malmö, where would it be?

AdeY: I think Tokyo, Japan.

Floret: I love Tokyo too. Could you elaborate?

AdeY: They like to look at things that are a little bit naughty.

Floret: Well said.


Floret: Who would be your perfect subject to photograph?

AdeY: David Bowie, he has this incredible sense of intrigue and insecurity yet somehow still confident.


Floret: Could you sum up your photos on Floret in three words?

AdeY: Donations always welcome.


Floret: What’s the weirdest comment you had on one of your photos?

AdeY: I think I’m premenstrual, thank you and good day.


Floret: Love it! Thanks AdeY.

To see more of AdeY’s work, follow his blog here on Floret where he updates us with a new photo everyday. Or log into instagram and type __adey__


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