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Four Poems
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Four Poems

Four Poems

Sunday Untitled I

I want to press
my tongue
against green mesh

I want to bite
into a sponge
of any color

I want to rip
and chew
and spit
that sponge bit

of my mouth

when it becomes
and hard
and no longer

Grass Widow

Now that there are only 7 days
I am sex
riding a bike through Malmö

palpable and
dripping from the window sills

I want to lick
the window pane
and hold your breast
while you braid our hair
together, and I make you come

My friend is biking towards
me, I look away
and imagine fucking the buildings
between here
and home

But, I only want to make you come
there on the corner
of Pizzeria de Maria
and the bodega Time,
that grasps the ends of my curls
pulling them straight

I am pink
and coming
riding my bike through Malmö

Only 7 more days

This Is Not a Kitchen Poem

Held in fat lava
cathedral cactus lavender painter’s palette mother-in-law’s tongue
spider something kokedama
spindle greenery
small spiky
cut and oozing
succulent femininity

Sunday Untitled II

I want to trace
the edges
every leaf
with my tongue

Why is it mostly
masculine identifying people
that make soft
fetish videos
where hands destroy
a tennis shoe

The knife plunging
that little plastic bubble
makes me euphoric
and tired

Mai är halvsvensk/halvamerikansk och bosatt i Hägersten. Hon är en redaktör och medlem av kollektivet som skapar Hysteria: A Collection of Feminisms och har tidigare publicerats i Ordkonst och The Offing.



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