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Gorsad Kiev exhibiting in Malmö
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Gorsad Kiev exhibiting in Malmö

CNV000039Foto: Gorsad Kiev

This evening a new exhibition will open in Malmö. Waterpistol is the name and Gorsad Kiev is the artist. In love with the people who are not eager to please, Gorsad seek to show the world a new, and somewhat uplifting side of Ukraine. The Kiev based art group consisting of trio, Victor, Maria and Julian will be exhibiting, for the first time in Sweden, at one of Malmö’s few galleries dedicated to contemporary photography, Fotogalleri Vasli Souza.

The gallery lift opens at 6pm. Take it to the basement and join the fun.

To catch the vibe, we checked in with Gorsad to preview their work, and to see how things were going before the exhibition.

frontpageVictor, Maria and Julian. The trio behind Gorsad Kiev.

Floret: How do you feel about showing your work for the first time in Sweden?

GK: We are always interested to cooperate with the cool guys who are close to us in spirit! We are glad that we can share a piece of our world with the same guys in Sweden.



Floret: It’s pity you can’t attend the opening here. Is it difficult for you to leave Ukraine at the moment?

GK: Yes, it’s a pity. Unfortunately, the show came at the time when we needed to be in Kiev. But the next time we’ll have fun together at the opening.


Floret: Working as a trio is quite unusual. Surely it must have its good sides and bad sides. How does it work?

GK: We really enjoy each others company. What we do is what we live. What could be better than doing things you love with the best people you have.

1 tumblr_n8lp3lSBMG1tdakygo1_1280

Floret: I saw from your Dazed interview that you name translate to Urban garden, and that it is a funny, symbolic story behind why you picked it. You didn’t want to tell Dazed the story. Can you tell us?

GK: Nothing extra special (laughs). But, it is a mystery Gorsad.


Floret: Finally, will you celebrate with a party Gorsad-style during the opening tonight?

GK: Hell Yeah!

Waterpistol is showing at Vasli Souza from 15th of May till 14th of June. Vernissage 6-9 pm. For more info visit the gallery website

The second part of this interview will consist of questions written by the visitors on an interactive wall, also part of the exhibition. The answers will be updated regularly.


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